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  • Senior designer, chief designer, and design director of LKK group, Philips, DJI,  help client to became industrial benchmark, Grand winner of all kinds of design award.( include the red dot best of best, Golden IF award, Good Design best 100, IDEA gold, etc., by only one masterpiece.)
    李文博 Li Wenbo
    微衡创新 Miclance innovation
  • He has an Industrial design background, cross-research between interaction design and service design. The first generation of red dot design award winner from China and received numerous international design awards. He took charge of design and research in many companies and organizations. Primary writer of BDDWatch and Co-founder of Miclance innovation.
    赵斌 FREEZhao
    微衡创新 Miclance innovation
  • Innovative product designer and product design director of multiple design agencies.He has unique insights into product development and innovation.
    劳晖强 Arlo
    微衡创新 Miclance innovation
  • He has a strong passion for film shooting and production.He has led the shooting of corporate and product promotional films for many first-line brands,and has many years of experience in film production.
    李秋成 Leequochem
    微衡影像 MicLance imaging
  • With a cross-disciplinary background in engineering and design, he has served as an International affairs consultant for MicLance Innovation. He has been deeply involved in the field of image recognition and design for many years.
    Prof.Kai Hartrampf 吕凯
    微衡创新 Miclance innovation
  • Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of fine arts with a master's degree in industrial design engineering. Have an interdisciplinary background in mechanics and design. Through compound professional ability, he once served as the design strategy director of many innovative design institutions. Now he is responsible for providing innovative design, design management, and design consulting services to partners in MicLance innovation.
    杨文俊 Jeezyoung
    微衡创新 Miclance innovation


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