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BDDWATCH (WeChat: BDDWatch) is a platform focused on spreading the concept of "Brand Driven by Design". It researches, promotes and shares typical cases and growth history of BDD startups, plans and organizes various online and offline activities, advocates design thinking to guide industrial change, and empowers the deep integration and innovation of design, technology and commerce to promote enterprises. go toward success. The design-driven brand, Professor Tong Huiming, the founder and chief observer of BDDWATCH brand, continuously tracks the strategic trends that have emerged in the global design development over the past 10 years, especially the major breakthrough cases achieved in market expansion, and integrates design management research Based on many new ideas and thinking, a new brand type concept is proposed. In the current trend of social development, consumption upgrades and industrial transformation in China, many innovators with design thinking have moved towards the practice of design-driven brands, which have converged into an increasingly powerful torrent of the times.